1S3b: (20 min.) Case Study: Vibration Field Diagnostic and Challenge

Khairil Safuandy Md Salleh, Senior Engineer CbM, TNB Janamanjung Sdn. Bhd.


Discussion of vibration patterns and thechnical theory on 3 case studies.

1. A steam turbine generator experiences synchronous dry rub during normal operation which is detected early using online system1.
2. A gas turbine generator ungoing in-situ balancing using portable vibration analyser ADRE 408 (one shot balancing).
3. A CID FAN experiences high vibration during loading (rubbing).


Khairil Safuandy is a graduate as Bachelor in Electrical Engineering Malaysia University with 9 years’ experience in CbM & PdM at Malaysia power plant. He is responsible for Vibration PdM, Thermography PdM, Oil Sampling PdM and Ultrasound PdM. Professional certificate training: Vibration Analyst VCat IV MOBIUS, Vibration Analyst VCat III Vibration Institute, Level 2 Thermographer ITC, Level 3 MLA NORIA & Level 1 Airbone Ultrasound Inspector SDT.  Khairil has a strong knowledge with GE Bently Nevada, EMERSON & FLiR software hardware. Trainer or speaker of external/internal CbM&PdM forum/conference & technical certificate training.