AMWS3: Unexpected issues that come with an alignment

Hans De Schutter, General Manager, HDS Technical Applications


In this workshop you will learn about unexpected issues that come with an alignment. Below are topics that will be covered along with a brief description.

Soft foot measurements

The soft foot measurement is still an under estimated problem. we will look at the following topics:

  • How important is the soft foot measurement?
  • Which measurement methods can we use to determine a soft foot
  • Consequences of not adjusting the soft foot
  • Solutions to reduce soft foot issues

Target your alignment wright

Before starting the alignment, it can be important that you are aware of the possible influences that could affect the final result like:

  • Thermal growth
  • Bearing clearance

What about a Runout?

If there are coupling, shaft issues or inaccuracies will this affect our alignment or are there other consequences?

  • Movement of the coupling, additional vibration and coupling wear
  • No influence on the alignment values
  • Which consequences need to be taken into account

Offset machinery

Cardan shaft alignment is necessary although you have a guaranteed offset.

  • Cardan shaft alignment more important than expected
  • Cardan shaft misalignment can cause a change in running speed and other avoidable machine wear.


Hans De Schutter started his own company a few years ago.  As a consultant he works for different customers who prefer a high-end solution related to vibration analysis and all kinds of alignment cases.  For this services he can look back over 20 years of experience with in the industry and the world of reliability.  Hans holds a CAT III certificate.  In the early years he was active in the marine sector where he gained a lot of knowledge on rotating equipment.  In that period the interest raised towards reliability and especially towards improving the different processes in the range of the used machinery.