2S6: Wireless Balancing: Uses and Benefits

Thomas Hoenig , President, GTI Predictive Technology


Imbalance is a leading cause of bearing failure. Traditional solutions for correcting balance, while effective, can be complicated and cumbersome. This presentation is an actual demonstration of a simpler wireless solution for single and 2 plane balancing as well as case studies using this wireless balancing technology.


Thomas Hoenig has been in the vibration analysis and spindle repair industry for decades. He is president of GTI Spindle Technology and GTI Predictive Technology. He has seen predictive maintenance techniques, technologies and methods evolve through the years and has a great vantage point to understand future developments and directions the industry is moving towards. GTI Spindle Technology is based in Manchester, NH and with locations in Illinois and North Carolina has grown to be one of the largest privately held spindle repair companies in North America. The unique needs of GTI’s spindle customers led to the development of VibePro – a professional vibration analysis tool for the iPAD. That effort subsequently led to GTI’s entry into the predictive maintenance and vibration analysis world. Apps for shop and field balancing quickly followed. Tom continues to lead the development efforts at GTI, recently releasing app solutions for wireless sensors, online vibration monitoring, thermography and shaft alignment. Tom brings a unique perspective to vibration analysis for CNC machine tools.