(20 min.) Modal analysis of wind turbine tower during design stage and operational stage

Parthasarathy Ravichandran, Mechanical Design Engineer, Suzlon Energy Australia


This topic covers details on large wind turbine tubular tower in design phase, where in blade passing  frequency and top mass interferes with tower natural frequency. In overall the tower natural frequency is one of the deciding factors while designing the complete turbine along with foundation stiffness. Further after the design stage and at site level, the tower structure has to overcome resonant frequency when turbine is running in different stages – which is Operational modal analysis.


Partha Ravi is a Mechanical Design Engineer professional, with expertise in new product development having extensive domain expertise in wind turbine technology and gearbox design. He has a varied level of expertise in Design development of large structural components and vibration analysis simulations (design stage). He has hands on experience in finite element analysis of heavy engineering components and carries out what-if case analysis. Partha has rich experience in pre-processing of wind turbine loads using GH Bladed simulation, and drive-train simulation using SIMPACK and DRESP.