1S7: Case Study – High Performance Engine Oil & Xamine Oil Analysis Programme: hear how it saved money and increased production

Angus Macdonald, Director, Lubrication Engineers International Ltd


A large oil field service company was interested in being able to dramatically increase production by safely extending the engine oil drain intervals for their fleet of 2,000 vehicles. Each vehicle was having to change its engine oil too regularly and it meant many hours of lost downtime each & every month due to these many oil changes. In order to successfully & safely extend the drain intervals they partnered with their lubrication reliability company –who could provide not only a high performance, long life heavy duty diesel engine oil but also a comprehensive Xamine Oil Analysis Programme. The results of the trial were extraordinary & enabled them to introduce a truly ‘green’ programme.


Angus has worked for LE for more than 13 years in a variety of marketing & sales roles and is currently based in the UK. He is responsible for a cross-section of LE International’s distributors around the world ranging from: Australia to the Ukraine – spending time training new technical consultants and visiting a wide variety of LE customers in the field. Angus also plays an active part in LE’s OEM liaison – particularly with key gearbox & open gear manufacturers.

His Lubricant Industry Qualifications include:
ICML Machinery Lubrication Technician I & II
ICML Machinery Lubrication Analyst I
STLE Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS)